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The Galloway Advantage
Imagine a school
Students excited about learning; STEM Lab for all students; Spanish beginning in PK-3; Singapore Math. These are just a few of the advantages Galloway Offers.

Imagine a school
Galloway is preparing students for the 21st Century workplace by providing high quality educational opportunities in our state-of-the-art STEM Lab.

Singapore Math
Imagine a school
Singapore Math is the World's leading math curriculum. Children do perform well because they understand the material on a deeper level; they are not just learning it for the test.

Advanced Global Studies
Imagine a school
In an increasingly interconnected world, the next generation must be able to engage in communication with people from a wide range of different cultures and traditions.

21st Century Writing
Imagine a school
Strong communication skills open doors. Students receive writing instruction in their core academic classes.

Spanish Beginning in PK-3
Imagine a school
Scientists believe that learning a language enhances a child’s cognitive development. At The Galloway School, our students begin learning Spanish in PK3.

Knowledge Quest Field Trips
Imagine a school
Galloway Knowledge Quest Field Trips are authentic learning experiences that will captivate your child's imagination and spark a flame for knowledge.

Start Your Child Early
Imagine a school
Why would you send your child to a local day care when you could send your child to a fully accredited college preparatory private school for the same cost?

Galloway's Pillars of Excellence
Imagine a school
A Galloway education extends well beyond the classroom. Our students are academically advanced, globally prepared & possess positive virtues that last a lifetime!

This is Galloway
Digital Learning
College Ready! Career Ready! Life Ready!

The Galloway School is a college preparatory academy that provides accelerated instruction for above average to gifted students using innovative programs, state-of-the-art technology & proven curriculum. At Galloway, students are eager to learn and our three-year average score on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills is in the 92nd national percentile.

Our S.A.G.E. (Studies in Advanced Global Education) curriculum is built around 21st century global competencies including critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration across networks, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneuralism, effective oral and written communication, accessing and analyzing information, curiosity and imagination, and the development of servant leadership skills. The Galloway School offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Lab, Singapore Math, Writing Academy, Spanish, Knowledge Quest field trips, a wide variety of clubs and mini-courses, academic competitions, before and after school care, and so much more.

Unlock your child's potential with a first-rate education at The Galloway School. We invite you to apply online or call 281.338.9510 to learn more.

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